Marketing: Making Things Look Pretty?

Sales or Marketing

A while ago I was lucky enough to attend a high level marketing day for leaders of top brands across the country.

The 3 speakers gave different insights into how to move marketing forward with the ever-developing online and social world that we are in right now.

A major theme that ran throughout the day was the real difference, if any, between sales and marketing.

Marketing builds the foundation of your success.

Marketing builds the foundation of your success.

My personal understanding, and a view I know is widespread, is that Marketers create the awareness and leads for the Sales team to follow up.

The Sales team then need to convert these leads into customers and make money for the organisation. Thereby, marketing sets the foundation for sales and business success.

The day provided me with many innovative and alternative ideas to the current marketing hemisphere. Yet the strongest feeling I left with, was the realisation of just how hard it can be for marketers to gain credibility and worth within an organisation.

Throughout the event, the biggest struggle from fellow marketers was getting support from the rest of the company in terms of time, understanding and resources.

Are you credible?

Small businesses or self employed individuals with little budgets have minimal time and/or understanding for marketing.

Marketers don't only make things look pretty - we bring you business!

Marketers don’t only make things look pretty – we bring you business!

During the recession, I saw many organisations cut the marketing department completely to save money. Yet marketing is about attracting new business. I am confident that with the importance of digital marketing now, those who had faith have succeeded through these tough financial times.

In many small businesses I have worked for, the marketing team are often disregarded and overlooked, with little understanding of why they actually exist.

Once a salesman actually said to me, “the marketing department basically has the objectives of children on the last day of term – just have fun and make things look pretty.’

As condescending and offensive as I found this at the time, he was partly right.

Marketers do make products, services and people look appealing to enable an organisation to gain more business. But we also focus on building and maintaining relationships and the brand identity and public image of the organisation.

Slightly more than playing with glitter, I feel.

The Visual Era

In this day and age, where images and videos are most successful in gaining online awareness, making brands and products look appealing is important and should be seen as a priority.

People don’t want to read anymore. The digital explosion has caused things to move so fast now, that people want to see something and do it – not trawl through vast text.

These images grab attention and create value for the audience. Once trust, value and faith is built with a company, customers and purchases will come.

Without people knowing who you are, what you do, where you are, how you do it and why – how are you going to get any legitimate custom?

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Photo Credits: Teresa Howes, Canada  |  Daniel Wildman, United Kingdom

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