#DidYouKnow: YOU are a Content Marketer

Anyone can be a content marketer! Let #NSPMedia Show you how

Yes! YOU Are A Content Marketer!

… Well You Can Be!

Google Hummingbird has meant that content marketing is now more important than ever.

Google Hummingbird is all about quality content

Alongside Google’s latest Hummingbird update in September last year, came an undeniable need for Content Marketing amongst all organisations – big and small.

Creating fresh and unique content relevant to your brand, organisation and industry is now more important than ever.

This brings many gripes – not having enough time to write, not having the skills to write, not having the subjects to write about… it can go on.

However, in actual fact you do have the time, you can write and you already have the subjects!

You CAN Write!

You have set up a business and work for an industry day in, day out – you know what is hot or not.

If you can answer customer’s questions, explain industry changes, review and sell products and discuss an event’s success with other people – then you can write about it!

You can be a writer!

You can be a writer!

Carry a notebook with you everywhere you go, or download a good note-taking app on your mobile or tablet device.

(I like to use Evernote, as it can run and update seamlessly across the web, my desktop, my tablet and my mobile phone. I can create different notebooks for different scenarios and set reminders, add pictures etc from anywhere – plus it’s free! Another good app is Microsoft’s OneNote.)

Take note of all advice you give, questions you answer, events you attend and people you meet – all of your interactions.

Then on a quiet afternoon or first thing one morning, look back over your notes. Choose the note that stands out to you the most, expand on it and turn the detail into legible sentences. (If your note taking is anything like mine, then good luck!)

Give your post a heading, sub headings, pictures and an introduction. Review it and then post.

There you have it – you have joined the world of Content Marketing.

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Sometimes you really won’t have the time to create your own blog articles, or are running dry on inspiration. We can help take the pressure off you with our affordable content writing service. Prices start from £10 for 200 words. You provide the topic and background information, we write.

Please contact us further information or for blog and pricing enquiries:


Photo Source: sxc.hu
Photo Credits: Dr. Zsolt Zatrok, Hungary  |  Rinske Blok-van Middendorp, Netherlands  |  Mateusz Stachowski, Poland

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