Are Events a part of your Marketing Strategy?

When planning your marketing campaigns, do you consider the importance of creating a physical relationship with your prospects?

Make events an integral part of your annual marketing strategy - they don't have to be expensive!

Make events an integral part of your annual marketing strategy – they don’t have to be expensive!

A face to face interaction is a very important tool in enabling you to put a face to your brand, helping your prospects to understand who they are actually creating a relationship with as part of their buying process.

They also help with creating networking opportunities for your business, opening up brand awareness to not only other consumers, but other businesses who may be able to form strategic partnerships with you.

There are a range of events that you could host or attend and these don’t just include expensive trade shows or business shows.

Remember, you don’t want to give everyone you meet a sales pitch, but you do want to promote your brand proudly at any opportunity you can.

To help give you some ideas, here’s a list of just some events that you could attend or arrange:

Host or Attend Various Business Themed Breakfast Networking Events

These are often held monthly in local areas all around the country. The website has a great list of events around the UK.

Mix Business with Breakfast by attending a breakfast networking event in your local area

Mix Business with Breakfast

Themed Dinners with Seminar Slots

You could even help strengthen your strategic partnerships or gain assistance with funding by inviting your referral partners to speak.

Rent a Stand at or attend a local Market / Fete / Fair
Industry Specific Conferences

Awards Ceremonies

Look around for local business or retail awards that may be suitable for your business, research what you may have to do to be recognised and then ask your loyal customers and online followers to help.

You could also run your own mini awards ceremonies for customers / partners.

Organise a Team Building or Training Day

Team Building or Training sessions help bring your business community together

Depending on your budget, you could invite loyal customers or partners and book the day with a local events company.

Alternatively, if your organisation focuses on consumers who have a particular skill or interest, you could invite customers or prospects to your place of work and plan an engaging day that will help them develop their skills in your area. This will help to build trust and respect with your organisation.

Make the Most of Seasonal Festivities

Whether it be at a Christmas Gala or Fete, Dinner and Dance or a lunch and learn, around different festive periods there are always different events and activities happening.

You could even host one yourself and invite the local community. There may also be annual local celebrations which you could sponsor or attend.

Trade Shows

Local Networking Groups

The website  provides useful guides and features to events and subjects that you could attend. By regularly attending local events, you are able to strengthen local relationships and meet other business owners.

Local Business Shows

Organise a Charity Fundraiser

These events show you care. Do not organise these as a means of raising your public image as it will show through your attitude. Choose a charity that is close to your heart – this will also make it easier for you to organise as you really will want to make it a success.

Though these are not business related directly, they are a great, informal way of bringing people together for a great cause.

This is just an overview of some events you could attend or organise as part of your marketing strategy. What types of events do you find most successful, can you think of any others? Scroll down and leave a comment, it’s great to learn and share ideas!

If you have any enquiries or would like to know more about how event planning can help your business or about our services, please use the contact form:

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    I believe that in any sort of communication, building and maintaining a relationship is vital.
    In business, there are a whole range of events that can provide a means for a more personal relationship to be created with both prospects and customers. This blog article provides a great list of ideas events can use to help build and maintain these relationships.

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