Which Social Media Platform Should You Be On?

In Short, Ideally All of Them!

In reality, almost all of them!

Google Hummingbird has meant that content marketing is now more important than ever.

Google Hummingbird is all about quality content

Now I know I like to go on about the significance of Google’s Hummingbird release last year, but I have also been pushing the importance of Social Media to small and large businesses for years now.

The Hummingbird release has just strengthened my argument. The sharing of quality content online shows Google you are a valuable source of information. The engagements you gain across all of these platforms also help.

Additionally, aside from Google’s importance, setting up and running a variety of business pages on social media would aid in promoting your Brand’s identity and public image to as many people as possible – and for the most part, it’s free!

Just make sure you are providing value to your audience, not acting as a local sales representative!

Commonly, business owners make excuses for staying off Social Media platforms like, “My customers wont be on that website,” or “My business isn’t relevant to that platform.”

Really? Really?! 

These business owners either have psychic powers or double-up as online detectives, as they must spend a lot of time trawling through all their customer’s online accounts! However, if they are regular civilians like you and I, I’d almost categorically state that there is no way you could define where all your customers are online.

How do you know that Mr Geoffrey Baggins, who bought 8 boxes of cupcakes from you 2 weeks ago, isn’t a Social Media addict?

Are your products being praised online?

Are your products being praised online?

How do you know he didn’t go home, take pictures of his purchase then upload these to his 412 followers on his instagram account, adding special lighting effects to enhance the images and their appearance further?

How do you know that Mr Baggins didn’t then upload the edited pictures to his Pinterest board entitled Tasty Cakes from Small Businesses, which has 592 followers, which he also shared to his Twitter account, that has 825 followers?

How do you know that he didn’t then film a 6-second Vine, including clips of the cakes when he opened the first box, them being given out and enjoyed, the empty boxes, and Geoffrey’s satisfied face – that was then also shared to his 825 Twitter followers, 678 Facebook friends and embedded on his blog, which then automatically updated his Google+ account, with 213 followers?

… You don’t! You wont know if any of these interactions and free online promotions have happened for you if you don’t have your own accounts! Plus, without business accounts on these platforms, none of the interactions are able to be linked back to your company. In summary, you do need mainstream business Social Media accounts!

You can make them work for your business, you just need to understand how.

If you have any enquiries or would like to understand more about how to get the most out of Social Media to help increase your online business presence or about the NSPMarketing services, please use the contact form:

Photo Source: freeimages.com
Photo Credits:  Rinske Blok-van Middendorp, Netherlands  |  Vaughan Willis, Austrailia  |
© 2014 NSPManagement Group - Nicola Manning.

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